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Re: Feeling Hopeless

Hi Blue...

So So sorry to hear you are feeling so icky...I know it is more than icky, stomped on..How does your husband feel about you being ill? Did he see you ill before you got married?? Did you explain it to him?? I was also so sick that I couldn't function. I left my sweetie for a year..and then we got back together..some men like mine don't care if you are sick..they will love you anyway you are..Have you two really sat down and talked about this? Being alone isn't really the right anwer, even though I do understand how you are feeling..
Blue I posted on here about "Cure for FM and CFS." I had lyme disease and was told I had these two illnesses also..which boy they all have the same sypmtoms..I feel ALOT of people are mis-diagnoised with having these and having lyme really instead or SOME KIND OF FLIPPIN BACTERIA that hasn't been caught yet...After I was treated for lyme years and years...I was still feeling funky...yes I had the Epstein Barr virus, cytomeglovirus all of those things they say cause the Chroni Fatigue ...WEll my dear I was put on 4 more different types of antibiotics and was told that the levels for the E.B. and Cytomeglovirus would go down...Well I am living proof that they did....I have been ill for oh boy 15 or so years...Now I am almost 51 and have the old age crap...hmmm...wonder if there is something I can do for that...LOL...Of course you are depressed...I don't think I have ever seen a HAPPY SICK PERSON...haha...are we suppose to go around and say...YIPPIE I AM SICK what i mean...Please do some research and read the lyme board if you haven't already, read the post that I did about Dr. about his studies...It is pretty amazing...can't tell me that allllllll of these people are sick IN THE HEAD with the same symptoms...there are reasons...try to keep your chin up...keep looking for those answers...nothing wrong with having bad days..Like to see healthy people to have a good day every day...
Prayers to you..