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Re: Tourettes disorder question??-sorry if its wrong board

Hello again! lol. I was looking at the Tourettes board out of interest after reading your post on the OCD board.

I don't have anything to add here as I don't know enough about it (see my 2 posts on the other board), but another thing I do with the blinking is that I also blink when my eyes are already closed. Is that weird? I don't feel right if I don't. It's annoying sometimes cause when I'm trying to sleep on my side (it's always the same eye that does it) and I'm constantly blinking, it jolts my head into the pillow.

Also, with the slight head shaking/nodding, sometimes I'll have a headache (for unrelated reasons) and it makes the pain worse, but I still "have" to do it. Weirdness.