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Re: Unknown pain!

just what,if any tests were ever done on you?what were your parents told by the actual docs you were seen by?I guess this would "something" that would need to be given an actual real Dx,starting by just testing and ruling out various things.your symptoms just sound so 'general" do you have any sort of other possible symptoms anywhere at all in or on your body?strange sensations or differences in the types of pain and their intensity?anything that triggers the pain or is it just kind of always there pluggin along in the background?

also,just what particular docs,or specialists were you ever seen by and did they refer you for any actual testing on any body areas?if so,do you actually have all of the old medical records or testing results anywhere?getting a hold of at least some of your old records(don't know how far back they can actually go)would help alot in at least seeing what had already been ruled out.but starting over is probably a good thing too.this will also possibly recheck some of the old tests and would at least possibly indicate any new changes.

sorry I couldn't be of more help to you,but your symptoms(and starting at such a very young age as well)just appear very vaugue and don't really "point' in any real direction at this point.but possibly seeing a neurologist or better yet,a physical medicane type doc might be a good place to actually start.the phys med docs work with muscle and nerves and their connections and effects on the body.this would probably be even better than any neuro,come to think of it.but its a starting point anyway.if there are indeed any other symptoms or info you could tell,it would help tons.And by the way,welcome to the boards.marcia
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