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Re: pain and pressure in ear

I, too have had the same symptoms since February (now end of May). I have an MRI in 1 1/2 weeks. My diagnoses to this point have been: allergies, ear infection (although no redness or fluid), TMD, GERD and now perimenopause. I had to suggest an MRI to my ENT and primary Dr because none of the meds for the above diagnoses have helped.

I am anxious for the MRI and hope it rules stuff out. If it does, I am leaning toward the TMD thing now and am finding help from the boards, along with an orthodontist who is referring me to a specialist to make a splint for my mouth.

How did your MRI turn out? I'm interested in your story. I, too, have posted with 0 replies. Kind of disheartening. I think we have similar stories. Good luck to you!