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Ear Infection and So Much More!


I don't know what to do anymore. I saw my family Dr last week because I was having terrible congestion and had become hard of hearing in my right ear. He couldn't find anything wrong with my ear but started me on Amoxicillin for possible sinus infection. The antibiotics did nothing and neither did any of the many nasal and sinus decongestants I have tried.

Fast forward to this past Friday and my Left ear started hurting really badly. Couldn't get an appt so I just kind of let it go up until last night when I absolutely could not stand the pain anymore, and the left side of my face started swelling up and it became difficult to open my mouth ( I can only get it to open up to about 1/2 of an inch???)

The ER doc gave me Zithromax for an ear infection, eardrops to heal the eardrum and Vicodin for the pain. Good meds, but he still didn't do anything to address the congestion (which I suspect is causing all of this) and now I can't breathe and nothing comes when I try to blow my nose (but my ears to *pop*!), the vicodin barely takes the edge of the pain and my stomach is a horrid pit of acid from all of these pills and no real food!!!

I know I must sound incredibly whiny and that I really need to give this new antibiotic time to work, but I was wondering if it would be too obnoxious to call my regular Dr today or even an ENT and inquire about this horrid congestion??? Cuz I'm not sure if an antibiotic will really do a whole lot about that part of it - and like I said before, I'm almost certain it's the root cause!!

Suggestions please....

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