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Re: Ear Infection and So Much More!

Thanks for the well wishes, Toot Toot (cute nic btw)

Unfortunately, the pain has switched sides, now it's my RIGHT ear and jaw that's killing me, and my throat looks a bit swollen. There had been cases of Mumps reported in my area in the past few months, so now I'm paranoid - Is it Mumps??? Lol. It shouldn't be as I thought I had the vaccine updated years ago after my son was born...

Anyways, going to call the Dr again today - see if he wants to recheck, just because the Vicodin is the ONLY thing that helps the pain subside. Plus I'm almost completely deaf in BOTH ears, still can't eat because my jaw is so sore and won't open properly! He'll probably just tell me "it's all in my head!"

And he's right....sort of!!!

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