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A Newbie Story and Many Questions!

Hi Everyone,

Iím not sure where to start,ÖI have so many symptoms and so many questions!

Ok, here goes: I am 43 years old and have been very healthy all of my life with the exception of Degenerative Disk Disease and two herniated disks, one disk of which I had very successful surgery for in 2004. But, my back problems are mild compared to what ELSE has been going on.

Basically, for the last year, I have felt horrible! I have gained about 30 pounds after being thin all of my life. I have mood swings that range from a blah feeling (no severe depression, just Ďblahí) to almost euphoria. My periods went from 2.5 days, with only the second day being heavy to 6 or 7 days with 3 heavy days. My skin is so dry it flakes unless I put lotion on twice a day. I can no longer eat any dairy products or fried foods or I get severe stomach pain. I have night sweats, heart palpitations and hot flashes also. My breasts are usually swollen and painful and my libido is non-existent.

The worst symptom though is migraine headaches. I had migraines in my late teens and early twenties but they stopped around the age of 25. I do remember though that birth control pills made the headaches worse and I could not take them anymore. I suddenly began having them again about a month ago. Sometimes though, I just have the odd visual aura and no headache, the visual disturbances can be so bad at times that I cannot read or drive.

Also, I have problems focusing or thinking clearly. I am a graduate student (computer science/ algorithm analysis and design) and without my brain in full cooperation, I canít do my work and it is starting to show.

I have a Drís appointment in October which is my yearly Gyno exam. In the meant time, I ordered the home hormone testing kit (not sure if I am allowed to mention the name here) but it hasnít arrived yet. I also did the three-day home thyroid temperature test, it was normal, so I am fairly certain my thyroid levels are OK.

As for supplements, I take a multi-vitamin, B-6, Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin C, Alfalfa tablets, and a multi-oil formula that contains primrose, borage, fish and flax seed oils. I also crunch a few acidophilus tablets at least twice a day. This regime I have done though for about 5 years so Iím not sure if it needs to be changed or if any supplements need to be increased or added. If so, which ones????

I also walk for 3 miles a day on a treadmill and do 30 minutes of light weight training and stretching four times a week. Mostly this is for my back problems but Iíve read that it should help with menopause symptoms also. But it did not prevent the 30 lb weight gain.

I am so sorry this post is so long,ÖÖÖ.I am just so frustrated. I have always been an advocate of natural medicine and remedies but nothing seems to work for this. Here are my questions for those of you who have read this far (thank you!):

1) Does hormone therapy whether natural or prescription help with the migraines? I am worried that because birth control pills made the headaches worse before that any hormone therapy will also make the headaches worse now.

2) Are there any supplements that I am missing?

3) Is there ANYTHING that can help with the weight gain? I have NEVER weighed this much in my life and not only is the weight making me feel worse about myself but it is making my back problems worse also.

4) What other questions or tests should I ask my Dr?

Thank you all sooooo much for reading this far. And thanks in advance for your help.


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