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Re: A Newbie Story and Many Questions!

Sorry you are having all these problems - you sound like you are at your wits end! Well, welcome to this club that no one wants to belong to! I think it's great you ordered the hormone testing kit - I'm assuming it's the saliva type. Be sure to follow all the directions for timing in your cycle. It will be great to have the results to take to your gyno in October. It's very possible your hormones are off balance.

I have suffered from migraines also from my early teens. They actually got better in my late 20's when I changed my diet (got away from triggers like msg). In my early 40's, they returned more frequently although not as severe and sometimes with just the aura (all of which was most annoying). I haven't had much problem with weight gain, but did with fatigue which caused me to reevaluate my diet. I got completely off caffeine and really cut back on high carb foods like sugar, white flour, etc. And I started eating more protein, which was low in my diet (I don't eat beef or pork).

When I started having more severe peri symptoms last year, I also started taking supplements including magnesium. I later read that extra magnesium can help reduce migraines. I take 400mg per day and have noticed a definite decrease. I hardly ever get the auras at all where as before I was getting one per week and a headache about once per month.

I also did the saliva test and found that my hormones were all low. I found a gyno that treats with bioidentical hormones and have been using them for about 8-9 months now. I never asked about the connection with migraines, but I have not noticed an increase since I've been on the hormones.

It sounds like you are doing quite a bit of exercise, so unless you've changed your eating habits, I would guess that hormones could be the culprit. I'd also have your gyno do thorough thyroid testing. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't wait until October - that's a long ways away!

Hope this helps with some of your questions!

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