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Re: A Newbie Story and Many Questions!

Neenie, Welcome!!!!!!!

I might now have the answers that you need, but I'm glad to share my experiences. First of all I'm taking compounded progesterone and recently have began having migraines. I woke up with one last week which subsided when my period began that afternoon. Supposingly, declining estrogen can trigger migraines. I'm hesitant about adding estradiol to my mixture, but I will discuss this with my doctor next week Monday.

Like so many others I've put on quite a bit of weight since going into perimenopause. I've noticed recently that I have to cut back on carbs, eat small freqent meals, and exercise in order to shed a few pounds. I've read posts from women who are post menopausal who stated that they now found it easier to lose weight, but it still required diligence and perserverance.

From your list of vitamins I can not suggest any other supplements...seems like we are taking the same combo. of vits .

Before being diagnosed with perimenopause I had a variety of test that came back normal, thank God. I've since learned that continual hormone testing is rather useless when dealing with constant fluctuating hormones. For example...the last series of hormone tests I had done showed that I'm post menopausal...yet I'm still having periods.

I'm sorry that you are going through this, but rest assured that you are in good company and in time this will all pass. Keep posting and asking questions.