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Exclamation OUCH! Annoying + Painful Post-Widsom Teeth Extr. Symptoms! HELP! :(

Hi ,

Precisely 11 days ago I had two lower impacted wisdom teeth removed, 2 lower molars, and 2 upper wisdom teeth. My surgeon told me that in his 30+ yrs of wisdom teeth extractions, I was the one who had the pleasure of going through the most pain. After the surgery, the upper left wisdom teeth hole was cut up into my nasal cavity. When I swished salt water, it went out through my nose. This eventually healed, then I developed 3 dry sockets. Finally after all of the unbearable pain (10 Days later) and having my stiches taken out, 2 of the holes aren't healed yet. The other two look like perfect little lines, all healed up and the other two have giant black holes. Now, here's 3 things. There is no pain anymore from these, except when I get food stuck in them. What should I do about this? The food gets in there and sometimes it doesn't come out. Doesn't It have to be out before It can heal over?? Secondly, a nasty light brown fluid that tastes like steel and old blood comes out of my extraction sites and it just keeps coming out. Its so sick and I cant stand it anymore. Lastly, my head is very very sensitive. I don't have a headache, but whenever I touch my head or lay down on something, my head starts to ache. Like I said, its VERY sensitive. Could this be from the teeth or just generally laying around too much (I've taken these past 11 days off so far.) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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