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New to fibro.........feel like I am CRAZY

hi everyone.
I have been reading here for a few weeks and I finally decided to say hi to you all. I am newly diagnosed with Fibro and am wondering what the heck this really is!
The pain is not always bad but then I go weeks at a time and feel like heck, especially in my back around my rib cage and upper left abdomanal area. I have had IBS for many years but this pain is different. My Dr thinks it is from the fibro............anyone else have unexplained pain here? I have had this for a couple of years I think, so many test have been done and nothing wrong yet I ache here and I ache there...........I read a sympton list of fibro and had almost everything on it.i was shocked! how do you all deal with this? I am a tough gal and have many surgeries and am not new to pain but this seems so strange to me. I know this doesnt make much sence, I guess I just need to vent.
do any of you know of a GOOD book about fibro with GOOD information I could pick up? Does diet help????? I am starting Effexor now, have tried Cymbalta and did not do well on Dr thinks the Effexor will help, do any of you have any experience with this? I have taken Wellbutrin before and did well on it for depression but dont know much about the Effexor.
Any comments, advice, anything would be so helpful to me right now.........I know I can manage this as I am determined not to let it take over my life...
thanks for any feed back..........

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