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Re: OUCH! Annoying + Painful Post-Widsom Teeth Extr. Symptoms! HELP! :(

I just had my wisdom teeth out as well. The same thing seems to be happening to me. The top ones are fine, but the bottom ones are GAPING HOLES. This is really freaking me out. What if I were to get food down there and not be able to get it out?!?!?! I have talked to everyone I can think of that has had their wisdom teeth removed. They all say that this is normal. It seems entirely carzy to me. I don't understand how they can just leave HOLES in my mouth and expect them to just eventually heal. The surgeon never said anything about holes. On top of that, I can feel what they left of the tooth down in the holes. I have a friend that has had his wisdom teeth out, and he has assured me several times that it is normal. He said that it took about a year for his bottom gums to fully heal over. He said that he just got used to it after a while and didn't notice it anymore. I am still sceptical, but I am trying to stay positive. Also, my head is very sensitive as well. Some times when I lay down I even get a little dizzy. My jaw is particularly sensitive. It seems to come and go. I don't know if this is normal, but I can say that it is happening to me as well. I hope this helps.