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Re: Gabapentin

i think its the same as Neurontin, which is just another brand name of the same med. ive been on it and it didnt work as well for me. i am on lyrica now, which is i believe almost the same, (antiseizure drug) and that works so much better on the pain for me. i dont take it everyday tho because lyrica does a number on me, takes the pain away, but for some reason just knocks me off my feet and makes me very drowsy, sometimes i can sleep for two hours after taking it, but works wondefully for the pain. i am not sure on the drug dependancy thing for it, but i dont feel for me that i am as i take it only as a last resort for the pain (take lortab and soma for everyday fibro pain). i guess it just depends on which antiseizure med works best for us, but i do believe they work on the fibro pain.