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Pain med question

Does anybody know of any pain med that a person can take that doesn't make you feel completely out of it? Everybody seems so knowledgable. I Just read the thread on the prednisone and I learned a lot there. I can't handle the stuff myself. I quit taking it the other day. I swore I was going to have a heart attack. I am stuck with Motrin right now because I can't handle all of the other pain killers the dr has given me. I have oxycotin, vicodin, flexeril and a few others, but I end up feeling so wierd. I end up putting up with the pain because of it. Maybe with everyone's advice I could come up with something. I am also going to mention the anti-inflamatories to my dr. I do have celebrex, but my stomach couldn't handle it after a while. I now have to take nexium because of the topamax and the motrin I take. Do you just get used to the feeling after a while? Thanks once again. I know I can be a pain

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