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NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(

Hi all lm due to go to the dentist this Fri (9th) but l honestly cannot wait any longer l am in agony brief update filling fell out of upper big tooth at the side l left it cos l am very nervous of anything to do with ME medically and dentists scare th apnst of me....but lm in aginy my appointment to have this treated or removed was cancelled as the dentist was off sick if she hadnt l wouldnt be typing this now l would of been treated l cant sleep and when l do l wake up through the night l have stuffed cottonwool soaked in ambesol, sensodyne corsodyl not in that order or together into the hole it gives me some relief l know l have to go and l will go but l am terrifed and need some reassurance about getting in that chair l know it will take the pain away but what can l think about to take my mind off what is going on? any tips would be really appreicated thank you (have to go mouth going beserk!) its goign to have to be tommorow l cant stand this l feel and look ill.

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