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Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(

Do not use Anbesol in that way to help relieve the pain. Anbesol is pretty strong and is not designed to be used this way.

Instead, use oil of cloves. What you want to do is, clean the tooth really well. Place a small piece of cotton dipped in clove oil, blot the piece of cotton to remove excess oil, and place it on the tooth. Leave the cotton on the tooth for a few minutes until the pain begins to subside. When the pain decreases, remove the piece of cotton. You can then take dental wax, orthodontic wax, or even candle wax, and mold that over the tooth. The wax will help protect the tooth. The oil of cloves is a natural sedative to the exposed nerve and delicate tooth tissue. Do not drown the tooth in clove oil. It only takes a tiny bit to be effective. The wax will help to protect the tooth from exposure to air and debris.

In between the doses of oil of cloves, take an over the counter pain medicine at the recommended dosage throughout the day and night, even if you do not have a toothache. It is much easier to prevent the pain than it is to treat it.

Keep the tooth as clean as possible.

To help with your anxiety about the dental visit, you can take a set of headphones with you and your iPod or whatever portable music/story device you have. Listen to soothing music, your favorite music, the radio, or one of those books on tape type things during the dental visit to help keep your mind off of the procedure.

Since the tooth is really sore to begin with, before the dentist begins to work on the tooth, he/she will numb your tooth for you. Before the injection, the dentist will most likely place a Q-tip with a gel or liquid on it in your mouth and smear it on the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. The gel or liquid on the Q-tip is a numbing agent that will numb your gum tissue before an injection. The dentists do this so that their patients will not feel the needle. All they will feel is pressure from the anesthetic going into the gum tissue to numb the tooth.