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Re: NEED some reassurance about dental appnt pls scared :(

That was a fantastic reply thank you ever so much! Dont worry l will go!!!!11 lm not leaving any of my teeth to develop problems again remedies only work for so long l know ive tried them Ive been using the ambesol for weeks now just ran out last night you know when your in pain you will do anything for relief and theres nothing as bad as tooth pain in my opinion.. Nitro if l can go to the dentist you can too! My dentist said my oral hygiene is outstanding that is because l really do look after my teeth esp since l developed the problems and didnt want to go near the dentists office!! Even looking/passing one used to make me shiver l clean l floss l use listerine at least 3 times a day more when my tooth is hurting as it also gives me relief its bonjela thats now on my cotton wool lm sorry but l couldnt do without it at mo plus theres no where open to get oil of cloves! Thank you again your post was great xx