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Psoriasis driving me crazy!!

Hi people, Im 22/m from Australia and I have psoriasis. I had the first symptoms of it about 17 and it has been there in one from or another since then but recently it has started getting worse and spreading which is causing me alot of distress. I get it in an unusual area apparently. I get it on my lower stomach between my belly button and genitles and between my thighs. I also have one spot under my arm. I have now noticed a couple of spots higher up on my stomach and lower toward my knees . The fact that its around my genitles is causing me alot of discomfort for obvious reasons.

I was using Elecon cream only for years to calm down the flare and it worked well but recently it seems to not be having much of an effect. I now use a soap substitute and moisturise the affected areas regualry with special mosituriser for psoriasis but the last month it seems as if nothing is having much of an effect. I have been drinking alcohol alot more recently i dont suppose that could be a reason?

There are six kids in my family including my twin brother none who have psoriasis. Mum and dad didnt have it either but my uncle on my dads side did so I guess thats where ive got it from it sucks!! This condition is making me sink into deep depression thinking that I may have to deal with it the rest of my life. It is really affecting my life and I just want to get it under control!

I hate rubbing creams over myself but ill do anything that helps. I dont understand why it is so difficult to treat and that havent found a cure yet!! It would be good if we could just take a pill or something. does that exist?

Any advice from fellow sufferers or anyone would be greatly appeciated.


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