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Re: Long term effects of concussions?

I suffered two head injuries within 3 months of each other. The first I had no problems, the second I seem to have lost most of my short term memory. I suffer mood swings, confusion, exhaustion, chronic pain, and am on lyrica for nerve pain. I would check into a neuro psychologist to test your abilities and then research your school IQ scores to compare it to. I found mine through my school I went to in 2nd grade. My IQ had dropped 29 points from 2nd grade til now,and according to my doc I should add at least 15 points to my 2nd grade IQ score since I have had so much education. We are now evaluating me for disability, and have found a local Traumatic Brain Injury support group on the recommendation of the psychologist I have been assigned to to help me deal with my emotions, fear of being around large amounts of people, going new places, being unable to learn new things well b/c of short term memory, and just plain trying to adapt to being someone I never was before. I suggest checking into a local TBI group in your state. Do a google search. Good luck to you!

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