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Question Shingles

To start with, I am a 20 year old female, and I will be having a CAT scan tomorrow for possible lymphoma. Its been a long road to get to this point. Ive been having recurring low grade fevers for over a year and a half, extreme fatigue, itching without rash for 6 months, and swollen nodes in the neck and collarbone region for 4 months. I was blown off for a year by the doctors who said it was stress or depression. Anyway, I found a red patch on my back this past Friday, and I went to the doctor this morning about it. He said that it is shingles. I was shocked, I thought only old people get shingles. I asked if it could be related to the possibility of me having lymphoma, and he said yes but it could also be stress. My question: did any of you have shingles before your treatment for lymphoma? This is all very difficult to deal with, I am tired of being sick all of the time. I know my symptoms point to lymphoma, but now having shingles makes it real in a different way and Im pretty scared. I appreciate any information you guys can give me. Thanks! -Chelsea

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