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Re: Gastro Bypass and lap band surgery HELP!!!


I just had the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery a month ago and the cost for the surgery itself was approximately $25,000 not including the work up and psychological evaluation required. I didn't have the arthroscopic version which I believe was more but they had to take my gall bladder anyway. I'd estimate that my surgery and the other pre-work (physical exam, blood work, etc.) added another $3000-$5000.

Though many have said it isnít a "magic bullet" in a way it certainly is! Contradicting I know, but the surgery is just a tool to jump start you into a healthy lifestyle and if you follow the guidelines and requirements it is incredible. I've talked with many who had it and it has changed their lives so much. I have lost about 35 pounds since my surgery a month ago and around 65 pounds since I started the program (youíre required to lose a certain amount of weight pre-surgery based on your BMI). Iím not noticing a much of change in the mirror but everyone else seems to. My face is notably thinner, my pants already donít fit anymore, my watch slides way up my wrist and I can wear rings I havenít in years. I feel better each week, my asthma bothers me less, my sleep apnea is improving, and Iím wearing jeans and shirts I havenít been able to in 5-6 years. My belt is on the last hole now and before this all started I was on the first one!

If you would have asked me if this was a good idea the first week after the surgery Iíd have said no, it sucks! I had a very successful surgery but I became very nauseous the evening I was released from the hospital and had to go back two days later and get re-hydrated two days in a row and vitamin shots. I felt much better after that but I got so sick of hearing that 15 minute beeper I could puke (you GBíers know what I mean!). It took a little while but I came through just fine and have now started into solid foods. Itís slow going finding what I can eat now and many foods I enjoyed before now taste completely different but things will improve. I will lose about 75% of my excess body weight if I stick to the program and I know that will make a difference in my life both in health and activity. Iíll also be able to get a back injury repaired and that will go a long way towards having the life I once had.

Of the some 30 people I have talked to who have had this surgery not one of them regrets it. The waiting room of my GB surgeonís office has 5-6 big binders with before and after photos patients have submitted and the difference is astounding! I look forward to adding my photos to that book! If you evaluate this surgery carefully, follow the program and make the lifestyle changes (you are almost forced to after the surgery) this will help you more than you can imagine. I look forward to not worrying about fitting in a booth at a restaurant or the embarrassment asking for a seatbelt extension as I painfully squeeze into an airline seat. Not a lot to ask for people who are thin but a huge thing for people who are overweight. I told my wife I didnít have huge goals after the surgery but would love to buy a pair of pants off the rack at Target or Old Navy!

Best of luck!

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