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The patch on my back is not very big, about an inch across, oval shaped, raised and red. It itches from time to time, but Im not having the pain that the doctor was talking about with shingles. In fact Im wondering if it is in fact shingles because Im not getting any bumps or blisters on it. I saw a picture of lymphoma that had gone to the skin, and it looked like my back, but I know that its silly to worry when I dont have the results of anything back yet. My scan was today and they just did my chest. The lump there is under my collarbone, about 2 1/2 cm, oval shaped. I dont know if it is a lymph node, thats why they did the scan. I have an appointment on Tuesday of next week to have him look at my neck lymph nodes that are swollen, and the day after that I see the thoracic surgeon about the results of my scan.
Where are your nodes and what are your symptoms?