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Re: My Kid Won't Be A Kid....

my eldest niece was a very pensive child and sometimes i think can be a side effect of high IQ. my husband reports that when he was a child was quite like what you are discribing of your son and when he had his IQ tested (his mom was worried about a speech delay when he was 2) they found out he had a genius level IQ. its tough to have a grown up intellect but a still a childs understanding. he is smart enough to know things going on but not just yet emotionally sophisticated to handle it... heck! sometimes i think that i am not sophisticated enough to handle life

also, we suspect (about 99.9% sure) that my dh has aspergers since we have been doing tons of studying on autism spectrum since our 5 year old son was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago. not saying that your son has that but it might explain a few things. could counseling be arranged for him if it is emotional problems related to all of the stress from the last few years? sounds like funding is a problem for that sort of thing (here too) but if you have state insurance some of that stuff can be covered.

until you can get some anwsers just be silly my son is severely autistic and because of his condition never learned to play. ofcourse he is the opposite of your son he doesnt talk, he is generally unaware of "issues" around him, etc. we have to engage him play or he would (literally) spend all of his time spinning objects. of course your son would need something a little more sophisticated then things we do with isaac but i am sure you can think of some things that will interest him and stimulate his fun side. maybe you could plan some outings that will keep his mind off things... a museum or a "nature walk". have him pretend about them. if he likes to read then maybe getting him some choose your own adventure books would interest him...(maybe not) they are cheesey... and when i was young i thought they were cheesey but i still liked them because then you had control over the out come and it was kind of like following a treasure map to the end of the tale as opposed to plodding through to the end.

you know your son best, what interests him so good luck!