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Is this fibro or peri-menopause? Shortness of breath, night sweats, light sleep

I am 44 and since having my second child (2 after the age of 40), I am always exhausted. Now I know that having a 2 and 3 yr old is tough but I can never seem to get enough sleep. I was always a light sleeper but even if my mind isn't racing, I never get into a deep sleep and dream a lot too. I would like to get a sleep study but I fear I won't sleep there at all. I don't want to rely on sleep meds but take OTC Benadryl and sometimes Lunesta or Ambien which don't even work well.

Since I became pg with my second child, I really had a hard time sleeping. I would get night sweats while nursing but it still happens at times even though she's been weaned for a year.

I saw a couple of therapists for anxiety but I wonder if it's more than that. I don't take any meds currently. I've had bloodwork and my internist couldn't find anything. I'm in good shape although the only workout I do is chasing after the kids now!

I don't have typical fibro symptoms because I don't have achy muscles but I am very prone to muscle spasms in my back. It happens a lot. I know that can be related to stress too so I've looked at that as well. There have been times over the years that I've had a low grade fever (1 degree or so above my normal 98) that doesn't seem to be related to any illness. It will linger for a few wks. It doesn't happen often but I found it unusual when it does.

I don't know if I'm off base but wondering if it's fibro related at all. What type of Dr. treats and diagnoses this? I don't have much time to go to Drs so I figured I'll see if I'm even in the ballpark online.

Thanks for your info.

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