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Re: Is this fibro or peri-menopause? Shortness of breath, night sweats, light sleep

Hi deenie, That's the nickname my family calls me. The senior members will be of more help. But I am 40 and started on this journey with swollen lymph nodes, night sweats and low grade fevers. Then had biopsy which was benign thank God. But then then the pain came. I still have night sweats and low grade fevers. Some lymph nodes are slightly swollen. First I was dx with Hashi's. Which is a hypo thyroid. So I am trying to ge that leveled out as well. But I also have fibro but mine has a lot of pain.
I too have young ones a four and six year old boys. So it put a small kink in things.
I hope you don't have fibro. But if you do your in the right place. And life does get better.
Best wishes Deena