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Smile Hello Ariom

I know how it is,you can not stop thinking about the 12th.It will be here soon,and before you know it all of your worries will be over with.I know once you hear a bad story it stays in your mind for ever.....My father still tells me how horrorable his dentures are every time he sees me. I think you are going to be a great paitent.You are doing the only thing you can do to get ready for something like this.Research,research and more research,and talking to people who have or are going through the same thing you are.
Getting dentures is going to change your life...ok maybe not that much,but it will change your smile.And if you are like me it will also change the way you feel about your self.I always had bad teeth,they were twisted and just ugly looking, even as a child.So it was kind of like a dream come true for me to have straight teeth ,that all looked alike.I do not look in the mirror as much as the first 2 weeks.But I can't help but check that pretty new smile out every chance I get.
I have been using fixodent on the top and REALLY works. Start out using a little bit and work your way up untill you find the right amount for you.I did it the other way around and I think that is what made me gag.
About gagging........I normal will gag over any thing and every thing...But I do not gag from my dentures!! Only if I use to much adhesive on them.I think my dentist fitted me perfect.
Having dentures reminds me of having a peanut butter sandwhich stuck to the roof of my mouth..All the time..
There are times in the day when I get the feeling like my gums need air,so I just take my teeth out and air them for 5-10 mins. and put them back in before anyone notices.
Just remember you are worth every penny you spend on your teeth..and if you are half as happy with your dentures as I am...You will love having dentures,and you will be asking your self why did you wait so long.
Have a good night

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