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Good morning, Happy to hear from my new friend!!! You know lilmama, I a so glad that I did start researching and found this board with such wonderful people like yourself. Funny thing, is that you are not so far away. I am happy that you are doing good. Thanks for all your positive feedback, you cannot, or maybe you can imagine how much it means to me to have someone give me the confidence to go and get this done. Also for being so understanding and answering all my questions, because I am like a little kid, when you take that rode trip, and the kids say, "Are we there yet? That is me, and you have been so nice and patient with me. I think you understand how scared I am. I too have had horrible teeth, and my dentist tells me just think of how good you will look whe this is over. I try, I really do, I guess being an anxious person to begin with, doesn't help. But everyone in my family tells me, it is going to be okay, and is the best thing for me. On the other hand, my mother who had bad problems with her teeth, has had upper dentures for years, she as well had no problems whatsoever, no gag, or anything.( Just alot of salive in the beginning ) But she tells me if I can find a way out of not getting lowers, she wouldn't do it. ( Does this make sense?) She said they give the most probelms because it is the bottom portion of your mouth that moves the most and they became a problem, but she could afford to get total implants on bottom. That is what she finally did because she never wore the bottoms, they drove her insane.

WEll sweetie, thanks for being here for me, and if I ever get on your nerves and ask the same question.... you can tell me to shut up..I will not take offense. I am use to it. When I talk to my son about it, he says Mom god, just stop talking about it, and do it! Easy for him to say, perfect teeth, and not afraid of anything.

have a good day, and shall check out the board later.