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I agree with you finding this web site was a blessing sent from heaven.I waited over 2 yrs. before I got the nerve to do somthing about my teeth.I do not think I would have even gone to get my teeth fixed if it was not for the people here.They are all .I think I asked a million questions, and there was always someone to help calm my nerves.Us toothless or soon to be toothless people need to stick together.
Yes what your mother says is true about the lower dentures they kind of float on your gum.I was lucky to save my front 8 teeth on the bottom.So I have a partial,it has 2 little bars that wrap around the last two teeth.It sort of locks them in place.I have been using fixodent on the bottom for 2 days now,to see if it helps hold them in.And I think I am going to keep on glueing them in,it seems to really help me.My dentist told me to play around with different adhesives,untill I found the one that works best for me.I guess some people need more then others.I do not think I have had any more problems with the bottoms then the tops.
My tops cut little piece of skin that conects your gum to your lip very badly( it will never grow back )And my bottoms rubbed a sore spot.So I would say they both gave me the same amount of problems.But I have gone back to the dentist and he fixes every thing.You have got to go back for adjustments as soon as you feel a sore spot go.I can not say that enough.Just because they are not your real teeth does not mean they are not teeth. You still have to take care of them.
I have to go the kids are going crazy...summer time is here.
I check back with you later.