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My angel marcia

I've never done anything like this before...On May 24th 2006 at 7:10 am my sister Marcia passed away...She fought very hard her last 2 months here and is now with her mother who passed away 7 years ago this Oct 2nd at 11pm both were surounded by family...Marcia started out 1 month premature weighing 5lb 6 one in our family had ever heard of Down's Syndrome or as they called it then Mongolism...The doctors told us she would never walk, talk or be able to take care of herself and to put her in a home and forget about her...they didn't even want us to name her and no birth picture was taken...She was so tiny when I first saw her in the nursery under the lights for jaundice...I thought how can anyone so small scare people...This will be her story...Thank you for the opportunity to let people know how wonderful she was and always will be continued.

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