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I can imagine the little ones keep you very busy . I am so excited about having my grand-daughter here, I cannot wait. Wanted to mention something. A while back I went to a cosmetic dentist for a 2nd opinion. He took a look at my mouth and said go ahead and get the uppers done,( he couldn't save them, only six remaining on top.) but he said that he could do something like you had done. I have 10 teeth on the bottom, 2 of which ( the canines ) have had root canals done on them, with the idea of shaving them down to hold the lower denture with a bit more security. However this 2nd dentist said, he could and would do it for 1500.00 save those teeth and build a bridge or whatever they call it, basically just clip them on the remaining teeth. So I called my dentist and told her about it, and she said, she wouldn't do it . he was only trying to make some money off of me, and plus that my dentures are ready to go. I questioned her about her strong opinion against this procedure from the 2nd dentist, and she just kept telling me that sooner or later, wthin about 2 yrs I would the bottoms done anyways, because of the bone loss. So see, this is my dilemma. very I found this dentist through many searches through the internet and does come higly recommended. but she insists not to go through with him for the bottoms. Now , don't know if I mentioned it, but since you are really not that far from me, i am sure you have heard of NOVA the dental school, well that is where I am getting my dentures done, and have been going there for the past 2 yrs. That is how long it is taken. I never cancelled any of my appts., except for 1, because I had to fly back to dallas when my daughter was having surgery done, and she needed help with my grand-daughter. Other than that I started this process back in October of 2004. I am so confused, I don't know if I should go ahead and do the whole thing, or what? I called her yesterday and since they are students they won't be back in school until Monday the 12th, day of final extractions. But she could at least call me back so we can discuss some things. The one thing that gets me the most is back in April, I had the appt set and everything, I was actually suppoed to get my dentures back then. I show up for my appt., and they tell she had a family emergency. Of course I was not upset, actually I felt sort of relieved. I bought more time to adjust to the whole idea. So I had to re-schedule, and that is what is going on. Since that date we only talked once, and that was about my 2nd opinion.

Well waiting for your reply, of course whenever you get the chance. I totally understand kids and how busy they can keep you...