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Re: Is this fibro or peri-menopause? Shortness of breath, night sweats, light sleep

Hi Deenie,

There aren't any really definitive tests for fibro yet. However, your OBGYN can order blood levels of certain hormones that can give info about perimenopausal status. The tests may have to be done at a certain time of your cycle.

Usually as women enter peri they start to notice a change of pattern in their menstrual cycle, due to the hormonal variations that occur.

Fibro can have an endocrine malfunction component, often thyroid, and the majority of docs only run TSH which does not give the most helpful info. Levels of free thyroid hormones are more revealing.

I hope you can soon get some restful sleep. Tissue repair occurs primarily during deep sleep, when growth hormone is released. Could be that just working on the sleep would help the back spasm problem. Have you considered getting a sleep study done?

Best wishes.