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Wow you have been going through this for some time now.I have heard of NOVA, they are supposed to be a very good dental school.That is the only problem I can see with going to a school for your dental work,it does take a long time to get the work done.I can now understand way it makes you sick to your stomach, worring over this.I think if I had to wait that long for all my teeth I would of chickened out by now..I am a big baby too.....
I am only 33yrs. and my dentist also told me I would have bone loss but he wanted to keep every tooth he could.He said it helps with the loss of the jaw bone.I wanted a full set on the bottom,so all my teeth could be white( I am a smoker,they are more yellow then white now) I wanted that movie star look.My dentist said he prefered to use partials on the bottom if possible.Just for the fact that most people are more comfortable with them then a full set.I can tell you my brother has a full set on bottom and he has no problems with his.So do not worry yourself to much about it.Boy that is a tough one.I have heard shaving your teeth down like that is bad.The only one I know who had that done was my father and he hates the world never mind his dentures. If I were you I think I would go ahead with what your 1st dentist suggested.I do not know though,I guess it depends on how much bone loss you have already had...
I am taking the family to the mountains(NC) for a long weekend
get away.OK we are going to ride Thomas the tank engine.My youngest son is turning 3 on Saturday, it is his birthday present.I will be back late on Sunday the 11th,so when you need that extra encouragement on Monday morning and you will.I'll be here for you.
Keep telling yourself I am worth it,I deserve pretty teeth(like your son)I can do this,and I will do this!!!
My advice is to eat like a pig all weekend!!!!Eat chocolate cake and a big fat juicy steak.Eat a pear and an apple too.Eat loads of potato chips,anything and every thing.I was so affraid to eat after my procedure...
Just think this is the last weekend you will have your ugly rotten teeth.Nothing but a big pretty smiles for you from now on!!!!!!!
Have a good weekend!!

You know you are old when.....
you and your teeth do not sleep together anymore.