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Re: Just need a hug

Originally Posted by MEmanuel
((((((HUGS)))))) I never thought it might be the temperture change, I live up by Sacremento, and I started a flare about 2wks ago and it shows no sign of letting up. Good thought. Also I noticed your name, I had pet rats for years, they were so good for me, and so smart, they loved us so much. And my daught had them potty trained, and knew a couple commands. Its just hard with the FM/CFS to keep up with right now even though I have seriously thought of getting a pair of females. Hope you feel better and I'm sorry you feel so bad. I hate they burning, I think your amazing to be able to go to work like that. Heres another (((((((HUG))))))) for babbling about myself. ME
Yes, I have two boy rats, and they are potty trained. They are very loving and beg for attention. It IS hard to keep up with all my chores---sometimes I think it's almost ridiculous what I have to do just to live, like work, bills, basic cleaning, taking care of the rats---but I would rather have a nice pet than not.

Thanks for the hugs everyone.