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a "pain mng Dr" can be any dr.there is no certification or training required to hang a sign on your practice saying "Pain Management"

a good P.M. practice would likely consist of a group of dr's with a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic pain.

Treatments could be injections such as Nerve Blocks,Triggerpoints or Epidurals.
Physical Therapy,Bio Feedback,Medication, and the list goes on.

Medication is usually prescribed conservatively until conservative treatments have failed and surgery is not considered a "cure all"

so many "pain management" places have opened in my area since i started seeing a dr 3 years ago.not all of them have the same philosophy.some may not rx meds but most do believe pain medication is an important part of treatment.I know i could not have kept at phsycal therapy without them and stregnthening has helped my back pain quite a bit.