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Re: Cactuslilly???

also,with most actual pain management clinics,you will be required to actually sign a contract with your doc that states the rules and regulations that you will have to follow .this would include random drug testing and random pill counts whenever they decide to suprise you.they are just much stricter than like seeing your primary for your pain meds.they have to be since they are taking on alot of responsibility in most cases in Rxing some stronger pain meds to some patients.

the thing is,if you are really truely suffering with some sort of really painful chronic condition,this would be the best place to go.they just can offer you so many other options than any doc can,they are also very familiar with many different types of pain processes that even alot of docs are not even aware of.the just treat pain.and nothing else.although if they feel the need,they can send you to other docs for some specific reason.I was referred back to my old physiatrist when I was considering botox treatments for my leg pain doc said that this particular physiatrist was just much more up on the ins and outs of how botox works and would be the best one to actually evaluate me.but I still remained a patient at my pain clinic and under my pain docs care for all of my pain meds.

you will be reqired tohave just the pain doc you are seeing to be the only doc to Rx any sort of actual narcotics or if you are having like a surgery or something,they HAVE to be notified so they know what this surgeon is rxing you.I did this with my last two surgeries and everything was fine.

a pain clinic is just a whole different place than your primary docs clinic.without my pain doc and his knowledged of my really bizarre pain syndromes,I would not even be able to get out of bed in the morning.for some of us,they are truely life savers.

If you are really suffering with some over the top types of pain,i would highly suggest that you seek out a good PM doc.good luck,Marcia
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