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Re: Peri-M & Changes in Period, what are your changes?

For years my period was exactly 7 days and always on time. The beauty of it was that I really didn't get bloated and I had no cramps.

Then when I hit my 40's my period became heavy with clotting and cramps. The cramps would be continuous for days, where I had to take advil regularly for the pain. I would have to repeatedly go to the bathroom to change my tampons because of the heavy flow.

I am now 48 and I never know how my period will be. Will I get two in one month? Will it be heavy with cramping? Will it be late or early?

Your weird period could just be a fluke or it could be the start of something. We are all at the mercy of our bodies. I read how others will skip a month or two without a period. I have yet to experience such joy. I know sooner or later it will happen. Lets hope it happens to all of us soon!