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As the others have stated, PM docs come from all different specialities of medicine. Some states do have regulations on who can be a "Pain Management" doctor. My doctor is certified as a pain specialist. He's an Anesthesiologist. But many times it is a Physiatrist (Pain medicine and rehabilitation). Most PM's are MD's or DO's.

As someone else pointed out, a good clinic will offer different specialities. Not just an Rx clinic. Pain medicine is only one of many ways to treat pain.

You many times will need a referral to go to a PM, and once there that doc can refer you to other specialities if needed, like surgeons, PT, etc.

I would say the majority are Anesthesiologist's as dealing with pain is there speciality. But I have also seen just regular MD's dealing in PM. When looking for one, try to find a place that can offer many different types of approaches. There are places that just Rx, but that is limiting you to treating your pain or finding a cure. There are other PM's that will not Rx and do just injections (facet, epidural, etc). So in my opinion, the best place is one that offers all kinds of treatment.

Good luck.