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deep filling still hurting, I have a question?

I've been following the posts on deep fillings and root canals hurting for weeks and sometimes months after they're done. I had a deep filling done about 6 weeks ago and for the first few days it was fine, then it started hurting off and on. From what I've read on here, this is normal because of how deep the filling is and should eventually subside. Now, my worry is how do I know if there's an infection or not? How do you tell an infection starting from tooth sensitivity? Someone on here said an infection would hurt all the time - is that right? Mine doesn't, just every now and then, and in between it feels fine, so is this more a symptom of sensitivity or the 'soft-part' of the tooth still healing? I've woke up 3 or 4 times with my tooth hurting and my husband says I was probably grinding my teeth in my sleep and got it irritated.
Anyway, does this sound like an infection to you, or just that it's still healing inside from all the work he did? My dentist took two x-rays when he was filling it to make sure all was well - one before he put the filling in to make sure all the decay was gone, and another after everything was done, and he said everything looked really good. Someone on here - was it Dan? - said pain could be caused if the filling hit the nerve, but wouldn't the x-ray have shown this if that was the case? I guess I'm getting a little paranoid now after reading some of the posts on here so really wanted to get your opinions. I remember having a crown put on an upper tooth a few years ago, and that hurt for a really long time afterwards, even when I chewed on it, in fact it hurt so long that I was really upset thinking it should have had a root canal and now it's always going to feel like this, but it did finally subside and has been fine ever since. My husband has reminded me of this when I've complained about this deep filling hurting, saying this one will probably take a long time too, but how do you know it's just healing and not something else? I'm driving my husband nuts asking what about this and what about that and what if???? So he suggested I ask on here as you guys seem to know more than anyone else, he calls it the 'been-there-done-that' group. Can you guys give me some suggestions or opinions? I did read that 'Dan' had this and suggested giving this kind of pain a few months to go away, is that what I should do, or is there something I should watch for that would signal a bigger problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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