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Re: borderline personality disorder

I don't know why this is, but I heard a lot of people think that they are borderline. Myself at one time thought this was so. The criteria is so broad that anyone with a mental illness seems to fit the description. I think many bipolars have some of the symptoms of borderline but it must not be enough to get diagnosed.

You may have it, so it would be a good idea to discuss the symptoms of it with your doctor. Obviously, if you have symptoms of it, those symptoms are bothering you, so you should get help with those.

I'm schizoaffective bipolar, but I do have some symptoms of borderline. Whether they are to the degree of getting diagnosed, I wouldn't know unless a professional told me.

For example: my boyfriend has tried to leave me several times, but I have threatened suicide in a desperate attempt to keep him, I think in black and white terms, I have a poor view of myself (maybe caused by bipolar), I binge eat, I self-harm and have frequent SI, obviously I have dramatic mood swings, I am constantly bored of life, I have rages, and I am paranoid.

A lot of what I said relates to bipolar as well. I think the major difference between bipolar and borderline is that borderline is marked by a severe lack of identity and splitting (black/white thinking such as idealization and devaluation in a relationship).

If this sounds true to you, then by all means, tell your doctor about it.

Take care and good luck.