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Re: borderline personality disorder

thank you to you both for your replies, i agree mental health illnesses are certainly difficult to identify and diagnose, as its such a wide area with many symptoms that could apply to several illnesses.
the main thing that applied to me with borderline was relationship issues, ive clung to every relationship ive had and have a lot of issues with men walking away from me, but i think a lot of that goes back to my father having several affairs in my childhood and not being around. ive also self harmed, binge eaten, had problems with alcohol and serious problems with over spending, if its destructive ive done it. i cant really relate to the black/white thing, not consciously anyway. im not sure about the identity issues either, although sometimes i feel like i dont know who i am or where i want to be, but then i think most people feel like that from time to time.
i can see why bipolar and borderline get easily confused, and i know some people can have both.
Cinemachick can i ask what schizoaffective bipolar is? im still trying to gain knowledge as i only origianally thought there were 3 types but have heard of a lot more on here,