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Re: worried about bipolar dad

As you know Im also bipolar been on meds since 93, I also did the same as you dad until 99 when I ended up in hospital, but it was the look on my daughters face and the pain of what I had done to my family that has kept me on my meds. Im almost 50yrs old, my father also had affairs, spent more time in the bars then at home Im sure you know how it can be. For years I held his actions against him, it wasnt until the last few years have I finally seen he is BIPOLAR without a doubt all the signs are there. I can also now see my mother is schozophenic, but neither of them would ever admit it,
they wont even come see me when I was hopitalized and tried to blame it on havng a fever. I dont speak with them now due to a serious issue, but even if I did I've finally accepted that this is their problem and Im not going to stress myself out. Ive read this, maybe it will help. Everyone learns different life lessons at different ages, so just because someone at 18 learns a lesson it doesnt make them any better or worse then the person that finally learns it at 80, just means it wasnt their time to learn that lesson yet Then there's those who never learn. I've always been amazed with those people who are able to love unconditionally. I dont think Im one of them.

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