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Re: borderline personality disorder

Schizoaffective is a mood disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. In my case for example, I am paranoid, but since I am paranoid no matter what mood I am in, I am not bipolar with psychosis. There are two types of schizoaffective: depressive and bipolar type.

This also tends to get confused with bipolar, borderline, and even ADD. My boyfriend did a paper once on how these were often misdiagnosed. Everyone I have talked to agree that bipolar is overdiagnosed, that it could be possible borderline, ADD, or something else. I think thats why we sometimes doubt our diagnosis, because there are so many more issues that we have like psychosis or personality disturbances. We may also search for a different diagnosis because we are still in denial of being bipolar/schizoaffective.

Thanks to that paper I was able to tell you all that I could about borderline. It's very interesting how all these disorders' symptoms can overlap and cause this confusion.

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