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Re: borderline personality disorder

It's interesting how you bring up how difficult it is to differentiate bipolar from borderline. I can see the concerns and since I am new here would be interested on what meds would be effective in treating both if any. Would a mood stabilizer be the drug of choice for borderline??? And what charactersitics would we see in borderline vs. bipolar II???

I appreciate any info since we are trying to figure this all out with my 14 year old daughter. As you may know, I personally see alot of Bipolar II such as the irritability, agitation, impulsiveness towards risky behaviors, promiscuity, and increased consumption of carbs & sweets. Some of the things that I see that may be borderline are self injury (cutting) and the ability to manipulate and blame others for the things that they do with little or no remorse or understanding of how their behavior affects others.

I do not want a misdiagnosis and wonder what if she is treated for bipolar and actually does have borderline...will that make things worse???

Thanks for any feedback ~ Goody