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Re: borderline personality disorder

My Son Has Bipolar And My Daughter Has Adhd. There Are Overlapping Symptoms So At First It Is Not Clear. She Was Having Trouble In School And Was Told She Was Very Slow In 1st Grade. Well I Had Her Tested And She Is Above Average And Couldnt Sit Still. She Is Now Going In 8th Grade
And With Help Of Certa She Does Well In School. (when She Wants)
My Son He Is Different He Is 15 And I Didnt Have A Problem Until Last Year
8th Grade. He Was Irriability, Freq Out Of School, Cutting, Social Isolation Always Sad And Then Severe Changes And I Figured Out He Wasnt
Sleeping For Many Night In A Row, He Started Talking A Mile A Minute And Being Overly Silly And Elated I Thought He Was Drinking.
Ms Lainie