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I know exactly how you feel about not being able to drive. When I was 16.5, I asked my dr. about driving. He said yes. At the time, I was also having simple partial seizures and felt the same way. I got my permit and license and drove for a year. He then took it away, because it turned out that he meant that I could STUDY for the test, not TAKE the test, so he took it away from me.

One thing that I considered doing at the time, was file a lawsuit against the DMV telling them to allow me to drive since the seizures were not affecting me, but I did not file because I did not have the money. One reason why the dr. would not let you drive, even though you only have simple partial seizures is because if, G-d forbid, you get into an accident because of the seizure, the dr could have his license revoked because of it.

WhenI got my license back 2 years later, I drove for a few months and then started having simple partials agaon, but he let me drive because I was going to school and I needed the car, but 4-6 months later, I was still having the seizures and he said that he had to take it away because he did not want to lose his license because of me.

In Feb. of 1998, I had brain surgery (temporal lobectomy on the left temporal lobe and hippocampus) to cure the epilepsy even though I was only having simple partial seizures and it was successful. I drove app. 8-9 months after surgery and have been driving since. It will be 3 year anniversary in Feb.

If you want to talk, feel free to email me or post a reply here.

Good luck.