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Re: isit possible to have 'touch' of asperges..or is diagnosis always the same criteria?

As I've learned more about Autism I've been coming to the conclusion that I may be on the spectrum myself. It would explain ALOT about my childhood and much of what I have been identifying seems to fit nicely into Aspergers. Or perhaps I've always been crazy.

The problem that I'm finding is that Autism/Aspergers is diagnosed more inline with how it impares the person. And if they function realitivly well in sociaty they seem to not concider it to be the "Disorder". At least that is what I am reading into the stuff I've been looking at. If I can hold a job, and keep a relationship (The first can be exhausting at times, not even sure how the second started) Does that mean that I'm "normal". Or does this compleate anylise of the whole thing prove something is up with me.

In anycase I have been thinking of late that the data that is being collected my be incompleate becouse that are not concidering people that could have a more functional form of the condition. And I see no evedence that anyone is really looking into the fact that so meny "normal" people seem to have Autistic traits.

Then again... Perhaps I'm just crazy...

If there are any spelling errors in this please disreguard them, I was diagnosed with dyslexia as a kid, and while I will look for a spell checker before I post this, if I've miss spelled something I can look it over a dozen times and never realize that I have. Numbers on the other hand I'm good at. Humm... Lots of silliness but no spell checker.