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Re: deep filling still hurting, I have a question?

Thank-you for replying. Yeah, the Tylenol actually works pretty quick, probably in about 10 minutes and then it feels fine. I don't really notice it reacting to hot temps, but then I'm not deliberately biting down on something hot. Is that what you mean?
I haven't told my dentist because I know he would say to give it some time to settle down, which is what I thought best, too. He took two x-rays when he did the filling and said everything looked great and he fully expected to see that filling in there five years from now, so I don't think he would tell me to come back in unless he really thought there was a problem, and I know he would say it's too soon to tell and to give it some time. My tooth does feel like it's getting better so I'll let it go for awhile and hopefully there won't be any reason to go back