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Re: Want to Try Wellbutrin...but afraid...

I think your fears are well-founded. Wellbutrin's only advantage is low risk of the sexual side effects compared to other ADs'. But it has alot of it's own risks and side effects.

Fish oil and regular, vigorous exercise are clinically proven to help depression. Good diet with lots of tryptophan foods help, as tryptophan is what converts to serotonin, the feel good chemical.

Drugs that are psychoactive just tend to manipulate, overstimulate the receptors and chemicals already available but can later cause downregulation, desensitization of those receptors(tolerance) and even cell death. They do "work", however, especially in the beginning because they stimulate the nervous system, like taking an upper. It's uncertain who can get on/off them easier or not or who will suffer from side effects the most.

It's up to you, but keep in mind downregulation, tolerance, side effects, adverse health effects are going to be part of the picture.