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Re: hair treatment help.

to answer your first question:

1) what is a relaxer and what does it do to your hair?

In this case, relaxers are used to straighten hair. But it is most commonly used by women of color. I have hair that is pretty straight but my roots get wavy. I use an at home relaxer kit (I've gone to salons my whole life to get it done and now know how to do it myself to save money). The mixture is a white creamy substance and I apply it with an applicator brush about an inch to a half inch of my scalp onto the wavy roots (you should never let the relaxer touch your scalp because it may burn or tingle). When I've covered my whole head, I gently comb my roots straight to mix the relaxer in better, and then wash it out and apply the shampoos and conditioners that come with the kit. In a basic sense, the hair is chemically straightened. If you have any sores or scratches in your scalp, you will feel it if the relaxer touches your scalp. Some of it can really burn your skin if you're not careful. I recommend going to a salon before trying it yourself for the first time. After my relaxer, my hair is silky, and the roots to the ends are bone straight.

2) When you go to the salon to get your hair conditioned, does that make you have smooth hair?

This is true. The conditioners that salons use are great because they contain all the nutrients that make hair healthy. After blow drying and maybe straightening, your hair will feel a lot smoother and have a lot of volume.

3) What kind of treatment would you recommend me getting if I want straight and smooth hair?

What kind of hair do you have? I wouldn't advise using a relaxer without knowing your hair type. Have you tried talking to a beautician?