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Question about Stage IV...anyone PLEASE HELP!

hello, my name is Andrea, my mother in law was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma in her Breast in 2000 and had a double masectomy...for five years she was completely cancer free. During a routine ct scan in June 2005 a mass was found in one of her lymph nodes which was immediately removed...three months later a spot was found on her lungs and surgery was performed to remove it only to find that it was simply a fungus..benign. She continued to get her regular scans and all was well.
However, April 10 of this year she received news that there were two small spots on her on each side. The oncologist was not concern and gave her an antibiotic, thinking it was simply a hystoplasmosis or..infection. Three weeks later, she noticed an extremely enlarged lymph node on her clavical and immediately got another ct scan. At this time there were many spots found on the lungs and a biopsy revealed that the lymph node was malignant with the same cancer as was in the breast 6 yrs had now metastasized to the lungs and lymph nodes. The dr. immediately ordered chemotherapy..which began this morning. Our main question has still been largely unanswered by the dr...

All research has shown that chemo does not work on these types of sarcomas..this dr. specifically told us a year ago when the spot was found on the lung that surgery was the only option...he also informed us that from this point on..whenever a mass was found it was to be immediately removed surgically. However, now...a year later he insists on Chemo..even though this is the SAME cancer..that, a year ago..he insisted did not respond to chemo..

He informed us today that this is Stage IV Soft Tissue Sarcoma w/mets to the lungs and lymph he simply not giving it to us straight?! By him urging chemo...should we take that as his 'last ditch effort' to do opposed to nothing?! He has given no indication that she is in any danger of not surviving least for now...Should we be preparing for that?!? She claims that she feels it is hard for us to believe that we would be nearing an end any time soon...and since the Dr. is a family friend as well..we would hope that he would give us the 'bottom line' ..but maybe that's why he hasn''t told us that she has "____" amount of time to live?! I think we would like to know if that is the case. Typically when someone says they are diagnosed with Stage IV..that connotates "nearing the end" doesn't it?!
Any help on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated!! She is 58 and in great health other than the cancer..however, she waited an extremely long time to get the initial breast cancer examined..which resulted in a radical double masectomy..

Thanks for all of your help and support!!!
Hopeful, but confused..
Andrea in Indianapolis

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